Who We Are

Bruadar Beginnings

Our founder, Lucy Strachan, hails from Bonnie Scotland and travelled extensively for a number of years before falling in love with the beauty, serenity and peace of Broadbeach in Queensland, Australia. Discovering a flair for mixing scents and having a fierce passion for natural products and developing a business that was environmentally conscious, Lucy founded Bruadar.

As someone with hyper sensitive skin, Lucy has gone through life spending lots of money and time experimenting with different kinds of skin care products. She found that sometimes the more expensive products actually caused her more issues and were not ethically produced. After completing her studies in Beauty Therapy and becoming a fully trained Beauty Therapist, she realised the benefits of incorporating natural products into her skin care routine.

After speaking to other people from all over the world via Facebook groups, webinars and social media interactions, and conducting her own research through academic journals and cosmetic reviews, she realised that she was not alone - this was an issue and a problem that many people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and skin tones were experiencing.

Still never finding the products that worked for her, she decided to combine her knowledge and training and develop a range of anti ageing products that catered to sensitive skin types for all ethnic backgrounds. She wanted to create the solution that offers a wider range of choice! She wanted to align her brand with her own personal values and needs of sustainability, inclusiveness and cruelty free production.

Bruadar Defined

Bruadar is an exciting and innovative indie beauty and wellness brand. We specialise in Australian native botanical anti ageing skin care products for sensitive skin. 

We also hand craft a range of wellness products including palm oil free soy candles and shower spa steamers to enhance your beauty regime experience. 

A Scots-Gaelic word meaning 'to dream', Bruadar captures perfectly the essence of our products. Each product is lovingly made by hand using only the finest locally sourced and sustainable products. Our products will transport you to exotic destinations, easing your body, mind and soul from the stresses and strains of everyday life. 


Bruadar is committed to creating innovative, naturally derived, sustainable products that promote inclusiveness of every skin tone and type. We will always produce products that are ethically made and free from cruelty. We will be completely transparent with our business processes to ensure we have a positive impact on the skin care industry.


  1. Committed and Creative - we are committed to creating innovative sustainable products that will allow our brand to be leaders within our industry.

  2. Passionate - we are passionate about inspiring our customers to use natural products that have a positive impact on their daily routine and the environment around us.

  3. Trustworthy - we will always be open, honest and trustworthy.

  4. Empowering - our values and products will empower inclusiveness of every skin tone and type.

  5. Unique - we strive to breathe life into an area of the skin care industry that has been overlooked for many years. We want to create a unique and refreshing experience for customers with sensitive skin looking for products that will work for them and not against them.


We want to live in a world that does not harm the environment around us, but enables it to flourish and thrive. To do this we will create innovative products that are inclusive of all and that will inspire and encourage our customers and team to be more thoughtful in our choices.  We will continue to educate both ourselves and our customers on how we can do better. 


Protection of the environment is what the warriors at Green Peace fight for everyday. We donate each month, you can also donate here